Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Guess Who I Met In Texas?

Talk about a surprise in the garden cafe at the Dallas Museum of Art!
I am right now at the SCR EGA Seminar in Houston, TX and just finished giving a lecture.  But I took the opportunity to come to Texas a few days early and enjoy some things in Dallas - like the two caskets and beaded basket in the Dallas Museum of Art!  YUM.  I was able to invite some of the locals to come with me to enjoy the day and also included Rachael Kinnison who had alerted me to the presence of a beaded basket in that collection I would want to see.

Rachael's son, her patient sherpa for the week
Rachael drove 11 hours to be with us at the museum and brought her pieces!!!!!!  With her boy sherpa (a lovely young man - her 6-foot tall son) to carry boxes she was able to bring out her AMAZING beaded basket, the small beaded basket she is teaching in Bath this summer, her music box casket and the beaded mirror case.  What a wonderful time was had looking at these modern treasures.  We both kept it secret from the lucky ladies who were visiting with us - to see if we could find a space near the museum to look at them and we were happy to have found one.  You can imagine the excitement everyone had when they realized that the 'show' wasn't done after we saw the museum pieces!

Thank you Rachael!!

I am sooo thrilled in this picture, I seriously didn't think I would ever see this
magnificient item in my lifetime.

Look at the fantastic boxes that Rachael had made to travel with her pieces!


  1. Picture me pea green with envy!

  2. Rachael is totally awesome! I am also so incredibly grateful for the Cabinet of Curiosities class, without which I would never have met so many talented and generous stitchers. Have gone from thinking that no one else was interested in 17th century stitching to finding about 1000 people who have stretched my skills and understanding beyond anything I could hope for. Thank you so much, Tricia and Rachael.

  3. Ugh....I take a horrible picture~ CHEESE! Thank YOU Tricia for inviting me~ it was a honor to come and the three pieces we got to study at teh Museum have filled my mind with a fog of new ideas

  4. I love that picture of you two!!! I'm so happy that these pieces got to be appreciated for the amazing works of art and treasures that they are. I know that I was wiping the drool off my chin when I got to see them. Much love to you both...