Saturday, July 1, 2017

Treading Water Anyone?

I know the blog has been rather sparse of late.  It's because I am treading water.  I think it is the 'get up and go' of everyone really starting their caskets that is causing this high water mark.  The order volume at Thistle Threads went up by 250% in November and has held constant for eight months.  That is great - but it is still only me.

So I have to apologize for extra time it takes for orders to get out!  It is also making it tough to keep on top of CDs, making instructions, stitching the next project, getting items cut and ready for kits and etc. etc.  Fortunately it is summer and I was able to garner some summer labor - my robot girls seem to be happy to make money and when they are here - surprise, surprise, I often get a bit of free robot boy labor (sticking stickers, etc) as well while they chatter.

They have helped me get all the Frostings box contents prepared (done), we will finish the CDs for Stumpwork next week and have the contents for the 1st Stumpwork kit done.  I am finally breathing a bit lighter this week - especially after four of them processed 60 pounds of wheat paste for me into 600 bags.  (This is a job that can only be done in the summer as it goes everywhere!).  We had to hose them down in the yard when they were finished (I think it was an excuse for a water fight).

They have allowed me to keep shipping the daily orders and caskets while knowing that progress is being made on the core business.

If NOTHING more goes wrong at the box maker place - we are driving to Rhode Island on July 14th to pick up the first pallet of frostings boxes and plan to have all the shipping boxes labeled and ready already so we can ship them out Saturday morning.  I refused to wait for them to ship them to me.  So I have a pizza party planned and about a half dozen teens.  I expect a fight for the shrink wrap station.  That is always popular, ha ha.  

It has been fun so far, several of the kids are entrepreneurial and so I have been discussing the particulars of small product companies, building web infrastructure, etc.  Funny to see them absorb information on credit card processing, PayPal, etc. while packing stumpwork forms.



  1. Treading water - I know what you mean, that is how I feel about my mirror progress! It's winter here (NZ) & I just bought a house, my first house & it will be an investment. but there is much to do to tidy the place up. Firstly the current occupant needs to move out - which is happening this weekend, but I have made a start on the inside of the sleep out - tried to paint a little of the outside, but it is too cold for it to dry properly.
    I'll have only a few days of being able walk about in an empty house, fixing little things, then my sister will move in. Fortunately I have a 15 year old daughter, who is keen to earn some money (& school holidays next week) - I just have to set the tasks carefully.
    Meanwhile, I work full time, and am involved in Community Theatre - that alone is taking up 2 evenings and half a Sunday!
    Was nice to get a few stitches in last night. Part of me is a little relieved of the delay, now I don't have threads looking at me, begging to be picked up and transformed while I have so many other things on go.
    Still moving forward.

  2. Many thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Do what you can when you can, the Frostings boxes are worth the wait. I suspect it is a very good idea for you to pick up the pallet of boxes, sometimes big companies take ages to deliver what they consider a small lot.

  4. As much as I'm excited to see what's in the Frostings box, I totally understand why they're delayed and have no problem waiting. The fact that you offer such amazing products is wonderful, and a bit of delay is understandable if outside forces change the timeline on you. It's also nice to hear that the kids are getting some good experience to put on their resumes in addition to having fun!