Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Milton Mannor Casket on Video

I have been sent a few links to an Antiques Roadshow video (UK S39E26 Caversham 2) that showed around June 14-20th on TV in the UK and featured a long video scene of a  SPECTACULAR and almost untouched embroidered casket.

The piece starts at 48:33 in the video and then had a slight respite and comes back again for opening. Pull up a pot of tea and watch it over and over again!  Do it soon as it is likely that the material will be taken off-line as the BBC is really diligent at getting their video material off sites and the iPlayer for BBC doesn't allow other countries to sign up and watch.

It is really quite amazing.  Once you have looked at it once, take another watch through and look at the details of the finishing.  The finisher did a few neat things like doing the horizontal tapes first on the top and wrapping around the edge of the lid, which produces a clean edge because there aren't any cut edges.  But the interior shows so well the colors and the details!

Now they totally have the storyline wrong on the piece - around the bottom of the casket the storyline is that of Abraham.  The front is Abraham banishing Hagar, the back is her looking for water for her son, etc.   And I would say that the auction estimate is low.  :-)

Watch the video



  1. Extraordinary! I don't agree with the young chap when he says stumpwork stopped in the 19th century, though 😉😉

  2. I smiled when I heard them describe the scene of the ousting of Hagar as the family depicted 'below' the royals. After taking this class, we all know that scene!

  3. Thank you for posting this. Absolutely lovely casket, and it's in such great condition. I had no idea they were making up the part about the house owners being on the front.

    Does BBC have any place that you can leave corrections about items? I'm fairly sure the US version of Antiques Roadshow does. Or what about writing the house/museum that it resides?