Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Better View of the Yummy Desert

I got many questions from the readers about the Yummy sampler that just arrived.  I have been pretty busy getting out the Gold Master Class kits and finishing some embroidery among the chaos around here.  So here is a quick photo - sorry about the shadow and bright lights - I didn't get to do it in the daytime.

Answering the questions on the whitework sampler class - this was an important acquisition to make the course more of a notebook-design your own type thing (otherwise known as bite off as much as you want).  Still working out the course but I think it is going to be fun, it will be kinda like the Gold Master Class with a project or two and then tons of patterns and how to so you can apply it to other things.

The house is full of robot kids right now and I am ignoring them as they are super busy - next weekend is another competition.  Many stories to tell from the first five months of their work - maybe some updates coming soon on that.  I was saying to someone just yesterday that this month has been totally a wash.  I have only had both my kids in school for ONE DAY since Dec 19th between holidays, snow days, random days off school and a concussion my oldest suffered.  That has been pretty difficult to deal with - a kid who is used to being super active and making him rest his is a full time job on my part, two weeks and counting now.  He is just begging to be cleared so he can attend the next competition.

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