Monday, January 22, 2018

One Year of Stitch Along - Progress!

One year of doing a panel a month for the stitch along - I have a total of 15 casket panels done for two caskets.  What an
accomplishment and it really wasn't 'that hard' if you think about it in these units
Last year at this time I launched the Tent Stitch Casket Stitch Along and then in June the Harmony Casket Stitch Along course.  By starting 12-months ago and by dividing the work up in units that had to be completed in a month's time (mostly handleable) I was able to get 11 panels done for the double casket and 4 done for the short flat casket.  Amazing to see it all in one place and you can really 'see' the caskets developing.

Hopefully this is inspiring for all of you wanting to do a New Year's resolution and get started on your casket I only have seven panels left for the double casket and five for the Harmony casket, so I will easily finish these two caskets in the 2-year window that I gave myself.  I am aiming on having the Harmony one done earlier (hopefully!) so we can start the full on project class for a new group of people.  Tomorrow I start a new panel of it.

The only challenge I have had is the panels that were listed as being done over two months for you - like the large sides of the tent stitch piece.  In those cases instead of doing them over two months, I had to do them in one month so the entire piece could be graphed.  That's a bit more challenging.

One of the things I have learned during this, in some ways the tent stitch pieces which are 'easier' technique wise are time-wise harder to do.  Satin stitch or couching purls is certainly faster and you make more progress.  Even though I only have a week left of January, I know I could complete a stump work frieze in that time if I was working on it part of every day.  That was counter-intuative and nice to learn doing both side by side.


  1. All so beautiful. Can't wait to see them all finished into their caskets

  2. That is quite an extraordinary accomplishment!