Thursday, December 13, 2018

Their Final Video

In character, they decided to post one final video of their team over the summer.  It wasn't a we won kinda thing - it was a blooper reel.  They had a saying that 'we failed our way to the championship' and that is very true, pretty much every failure that could have happened did - the way they used that was to learn from each one and do something to prevent it from happening again.  That is why their bot never was affected by ESD the last year.  Everything - all systems came from failures.

The video is hilarious.  They set it to the song that everyone else uses to promote how great they are in a final nod to silliness.  And yes - if you are watching carefully, they were last their first year and first their last.  Quite a rise.

It was an epic year and a big story as I said.  The closing of one chapter and opening of a new one for both groups.  I miss the older ones terribily.


  1. I had to look up ESD to discover it means electrostatic discharge. Fascinating. I never realized what a danger that is to robots.

  2. What an achievement for them! And for you brave Momma to have kept all your ducks together and moving, without quacking up;)