Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Do you know this Finisher?

I am trying to find someone and think I will use the power of the internet.  As my usual detective work hasn't gotten me the answer.  And hey - the story is kinda funny too.

A few weeks ago I got a business call from my health insurance company needing to validate some info on my business medical insurance.  As I went to my office to get the info for the administrator, the woman took the opportunity to ask me a question sheepishly.  "Is your business named Thistle Threads".  "Yes", I responded, thinking she was validating the company name.  "Like Tricia Wilson Nguyen - seen in Just Cross Stitch?" 

"Well, yes!"

"OMG this is like a celebrity moment" she said.  I was shocked and then we laughed, seems her job in high school was working for 3 Stitches in Texas and now in addition to her day job, she did needlework finishing and had finished many a piece of embroidery I had taught others.  We quickly forgot the task at hand and started talking needlework.  

I have been looking for another finisher who is familiar with my work to suggest when people contact me. Someone did today and I looked for the info I had written down with her name and instagram handle.  I couldn't find it and had tried the instagram handle before to no luck (likely a spelling issue).  It was a rhyme with Buckaroo Bonazi - when she said it, we found another thing in common (I also loved that cult classic and we talked about Peter Weller the actor for a bit).  

So now - if you know how to get ahold her - let me know!  Or if you have seen her instagram - send it to me!! 


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  1. 3 Stitches couldn't help you? They are a wonderful shop. Please let us know the finisher's info - always looking for a finisher for a complicated project.