Monday, December 14, 2020

12-Days of Christmas - Day 1

 I know I skipped out on this holiday tradition last year - but it seems like we all need a bit of cheer so here we go again!  My 12-Days of Christmas giveaways!

Here are the rules:

1) you have to send me an email ( with "JUST CROSS STITCH 2019 XMAS" in the subject line.  

2) You HAVE to put your name and full address in the body of the message (I can't send it to people who don't).  

3) Then send by Midnight EST on Dec 16th

I will pick four winners to send a copy of the 2019 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue to after Christmas.

Good Luck on the draw!

If you are looking for a new small project this winter, think about the Stuart Silk Purl Flower project.  It is a small introduction to using silk purls and couching down a gold twist.  Because the small silk purls are being discontinued, I only have 14 of these left.  But it makes a quick little sparkly project - about the size of a index card.  The course has videos of how-to as well as how silk purls are made and a little history too.

Silk purls are deceptively fancy looking.  They are a small spring made from wire that is covered with silk.  You can couch them down or pass a thread though the middle and stitch it down like a bead - either straight or in loops.  They work up fast and yet have a huge bang for the effort.  


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