Monday, December 21, 2020

12-Days of Christmas - Day 8

 Day 8 of the 12-Days of Christmas is a set of four Just Cross Stitch Magazines.  If you are interested in getting this pile of interesting reads:


1) you have to send me an email ( with "4 JCS" in the subject line.  

2) You HAVE to put your name and full address in the body of the message (I can't send it to people who don't).  

3) Then send by Midnight EST on Dec 23th

I will pick a of winner to send it after Christmas.

I have just had a student who had to cancel her registration of the Five Senses Double Casket so I have one casket available now for anyone who wants to take that course.  There is a video of the casket that you can watch to see the design, stitched in Soie Paris over 1 on about 22 count fabric in tent stitch.  The only difference is that the hardware and the tape edging will all be in gold vs silver.  So if Santa didn't do their job this Christmas - maybe this is the answer!

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