Thursday, May 26, 2022

Amazing Casket Finishes!

It's time to celebrate two casket finishes by the same person!  Sandy Gaponow from Canada has been working on the cabinets for more years than she would like to admit (Sandy is an original casketeer and was lucky enough to travel with me on some tours looking at them).  It has been a journey of studying originals and working hers.  She said she had the panels done for one for awhile but finished the two together to get the gluing done at once.

She has now turned her attention to a third large casket and a few original design trinket boxes as well.  I have to say that once you have done a cabinet - you are kinda hooked on them!  And the excitement that people have when they see them finished!  Congratulations Sandy - you are part of the exclusive 'two-box' club!  Seems like there should be a secret handshake.  :-)

I sometimes forget that those who aren't in the classes wonder 'does anyone finish that?'.  When you are in my courses, you get an invitation to a group sharing site called NING that allows for discussions and sharing of pictures.  So we are constantly delighted with pictures of panels in process, finished works and the finished cabinet.  I forget that no one else gets to see these delights.  Of course, it is sometimes slow progress as a double casket has 18 panels, so we drool especially over the original design ones as they are slowly leaked out to the gang - excitedly wondering what the entire thing will look like together!  

I have recently seen some tops for the Harmony with different treatments in the center and I will have to ask permission to share with the outside world.


Sandy's Harmony with Nature Casket

The inside and front of her lovely version!

The Five Senses Tent Stitch Casket by Sandy

The back of the casket

The inside - so well done with the finishing on both pieces!


  1. Absolutely amazing and beautiful work!!

  2. Absolutely stunning - what a delight to see!!

  3. Oh, that is incredible! Beautiful work. And I'm so happy to see that people do finish these.

  4. Exquisite! Museum-worthy to say the least. Congratulations!

  5. These are amazing. You must be very proud.

  6. Be still my heart - such skill and dedication.....Exquisite...