Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Katie Strachan - "Queen of Color"

Maybe many of you know that during Covid I ambushed Katie after seeing so many of her class projects and original designs on NING (and winning in some of my contests) and begged her to become a needlework teacher.  I called her "the Queen of Pale" and called Lamora Haidar of Access Commodities and told her that Katie would be one of the stars of the next generation of teachers/designers.  It has thrilled me to help answer questions about the needlework industry and give encouragement and advice to get her going so she can bring her own unique vision and color sense (absolutely outstanding color sense!!) to the field.  

You might know that Katie is doing Flosstubes on YouTube to grow an audience that crosses over from the cross-stitch field up to the COC experts.  She has been gaining quite a following with her videos that sneak in quite a bit of special knowledge and tries to stretch people in their stitching skills. One of her recent videos is just such an example with her new Christmas ornament, Theodora, using sequins from the couture industry and historical colors that are explained in detail.  Even the name has references in history.  Take a watch!  

Theodora:  2022 Holiday Ornament by Katie Strachan

She is introducing her first online class, The Elzabethan Valentine in January - but it is already sold out!!  It is a really lovely piece!!  I have been supplying lacet and the fun scallop thread for it and need to get my own butt in gear to make her more so she can run another version for her waiting list.  Sooooo exciting to see Katie be successful!

The Elizabethan Valentine by Katie Strachan



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