Tuesday, November 22, 2022

New Witney Catalog for Preorder!

There haven't been many new publications in the last few years of significant embroidery from the 17th century.  That drought has been broken with the Nov 2022 publication of Witney Antiques annual exhibition catalog.  Witney Antiques is a fine purveyor of 17th century embroidery and 17th-19th century samplers in the UK.  Their fall exhibition is always a mix of stunning pieces for sale and a selection of embroideries from private collections loaned.  It is a wonderful way to see things that you would not normally see.  And for those who aren't lucky enough to make it to England for the month it is up, the catalog is the next best thing.  

This year's catalog is special enough to be something you need to have on your shelf.  A stunning 70 band samplers from 1630-1730 (with most being 17th century) are portrayed over 140+ pages with new research done by owner Rebecca Scott and Isabella Rosner.  The genealogy and sometimes school information is discussed.  The catalog is soft cover but glossy and well photographed.  The style of the book is in the tradition established by The Goodhart Samplers and The Feller Collection books that are almost impossible to find now.  

Access Commodities made a special appeal to get a pallet of them here to the USA to make it easier to get a copy, as they knew it would become an instant classic.  Witney Antiques does not do online ordering, so this is an opportunity to get the book that way.  The shipment is already on its way and I am making the book available for pre-orders now.  I hope to be shipping them to you before Christmas.  

Rebecca confirmed for me (I have my copy already!) that the samplers are marked "Private Collection" if they are not for sale, and that several have sold already, but if you are interested in something you see - you just might have an opportunity to purchase the piece.  

If you love English band samplers, spot samplers, or whitework samplers - this is a must for your bookshelf and a treat for the holiday season!


  1. Trisha, how do we pre-order and how much is the catalog?

  2. I can't find a place to pre-order the catalog

  3. The name of the catalog is in grey in the text : Nov 2022 publication of Witney Antiques annual exhibition catalog. That is hyperlinked to exactly the page in the web store