Friday, October 13, 2023

Jo's Beautiful Casket

 I love getting emails with photos of the finished caskets!  It can certainly brighten my day to see such a monumental amount of work finished (and make all this work to get here worthwhile on my part).  

Josephine Wootton has been showing us progress on her flat top casket with doors for years on the NING site for the class and it is so cool to see it all together.

Her first friezes were posted in late 2017 so it has been a long journey to get to all the embroidery.  Jo said that she used designs from the original Cabinet of Curiosities course and mixed the ones she liked together  on the panels.  She worked it all in Split Stitch on 40 count linen (it must glow!).  She laughed and said she was getting a little tired of the technique when she worked the back so the design is a bit more sparse.  I think we can give her a pass on that!  The casket is just beautiful.  I love how she has embroidered on the drawer fronts as well - and you can see several of the small projects from the Cabinet of Curiosities as well in the drawers!  What a heirloom for her!

She said she is now off to work on the Double Casket she has!  

Friezes finished in 2017

The front and top of Josephine Wootton's Casket
Josephine Wootton's Casket with old man fall pruning on the left side

Josephine Wootton's Casket right side with a woman holding a flower

Josephine Wootton's Casket with an amazing marbled paper that matches the purple and pink

Josephine Wootton's Casket inside with embroidered doors

Back of Josephine Wootton's Casket


  1. What a lovely thing to be looking at this morning - - it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow! That is extraordinary. Such beautiful work. Congratulations Josephine Wootton!!

  3. Thank you both for your comments