Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Witney Antiques Annual Exhibition

 It has been a very busy two weeks getting the Frostings Box out the door and back from a trip to Ireland and off to the UK.  I am here in Oxford ready for a visit to the annual Witney Antiques Exhibit and very excited!  I warmed up today visiting the burial site of Martha Edlin right after getting out of Heathrow and then a quick nap and hours in the Ashmolean Museum looking at 17th century embroidery.

If you have been following the Witney Antiques Instagram you may be seeing some of the outstanding pieces that are in the exhibit and the associated book coming out for the exhibit.  

I will report back soon on the exhibit which runs from now until Nov 18th daily (email to let them know you are coming) and the hotly anticipated book.

I have gotten a few emails inquiring if I will be having the book in my shop.  Initially I didn't think so, but Access Commodities called yesterday to let me know that they will be able to get the book in and I will be taking preorders for the book as soon as pricing is figured out.  You can always call Witney and purchase one as well if you don't want to wait a few more weeks.  


Screenshot from Witney Antiques Instagram of a pristine casket!

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