Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Janet's Red House

I have some tremendously creative folks in the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  I had envisioned this class as an 'enabler' course.  Not a course that would force everyone to stitch my style and vision but something that would allow them to follow their own voice.  And Janet Brandt is just one of those special artists with her own distinct voice.  She is a well known and accomplished folk artist and has published many volumes including the latest:  Making Things:  A book of days for the creative spirit.

She has been keeping us abreast of her design ideas and developments since September on her blog.  I will share here with you one of her early sketches of an idea.  There are many other ideas on her site in a chronicle of the design process.  It is a great document of how the mind wanders from one inspiration to another in the search for the design that speaks to you so much that you want to perfect it and start stitching.  I have loved her esthetic for a long time (I am a HUGE folk art fan and chase down anything with bright red in it) and so I can't wait to see her actually stitching her final design which is based around a red doll house that she is well known for.  

I have already seen designs or stitched caskets now for over a dozen pieces and the vast variety is just stunning.  Design concepts, stitching techniques, color schemes, etc. It is such a blank canvas for everyone's passions!


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  1. Thank you for sharing my world with all of your readers and students!
    The World of Possibilities is something all creative minds share. The opportunity to design and stitch this casket is a great gift you have given all of us.
    Thank you, thank you,