Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amazing Progress on Jamestown Jacket

I was so wrapped up with limited internet access out west that I forgot to publish this draft!
There has been amazing progress on the Jamestown Embroidered Jacket for Pocahontas - the wedding is in early April!  The team is planning on finishing on March 26th so they can sew the jacket together.

As of March 12th the numbers were:

Total of 55 Embroiderers and 1026.35 hours of work!

Back……………….….123.08 Hours
Right Front……………161.08 Hours
Left Front……………...168.24 Hours
Upper Sleeves…………238.06 Hours
Under Sleeves………....330.043 Hours

They have made mind-blowing progress with the workshop open from 9am-9pm on weekdays and 9-5pm on weekends with multiple people on each frame.  It is really a test of how fast could objects like this be created in the 17th century and such a wonderful public project as well!


Upper Sleeves

Back on March 12
Fronts - just the gussets left!
Under Sleeves

Coif and its pattern on March 12th


  1. As one of the stitchers on this project, I must say it has been AMAZING! I did not join till the end, but have had a fabulous experience. All I can say now is Thanks for letting me stitch and whats next?

    Kathleen Hutcheson

  2. I helped stitch on this jacket. It was such an exciting project and such beautiful workmanship! I am a native of Williamsburg and grew up on the streets of the historic area. I was honored to be able to participate in this project and hope to do so with future projects.

  3. What a beautiful find, I love the linen the embroidery was done on and the embroidery itself is lovely.