Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blogging at 35,000 ft.

Geez - technology is great... and not so great!  Today if you are flying over land in a plane outfitted with satellite WiFi, you can go on like normal at your desktop (until you battery runs out - which mine is in about 15 minutes).  So I thought I would make a post!

Thistle Threads will be closed for shipping and limited email response for the next week, you may have gotten that from the 35,000 feet comment.  Of course my bag is full of work stitching (there isn't any other kind at the moment) and I have my computer with me, but I will be trying not to focus on work.

But let me give you something to focus on!  If you are in Cabinet of Curiosities Part I, you have had a full lesson on the Flemish embroidered cabinets that may have been the inspiration for our English rage of embroidered caskets.  If you aren't maybe you should sign up!  The 2014 running of this course is starting May 1st.

Here is a wonderful Flemish cabinet that was on auction just this week.  It has been later altered to add gold highlights to the wood in the nineteenth century.  The embroidery is typical of these pieces and known to be professional.  Maybe I will be able to add more about this later this week... but the computer is telling me that I am done and need to pick up some magazines instead to while away my time in the air!

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