Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eye on Elegance - Quilt Exhibition

I had the opportunity over the weekend to visit Washington DC and see the Eye on Elegance Exhibition of Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia.  There were about 40 quilts on display, fully hanging in the DAR Museum.  You could get very intimate looks at the quilts and the lighting really accented the complex quilting.

While I was unfortunately not one of the lucky ones to make it into the symposium (Yes, I loose out too! My friend got a spot and I didn't due to heavy registration), I did get to talk to many of the participants that day while they were on break such as Elly Sienkiewicz and Barbara Brackman.

The exhibition has a fantastic exhibition website that is quite full of pictures, commentary and multiple videos.  (The book is great too, and while I sat on the runway for hours waiting for clearance to leave - I read several chapters).  They are presenting new research on these often admired Baltimore Albums and mid-coast appliqué quilts.  There will be a few new quilt fabric collections in concert with this exhibition if you have a hankering to make one yourself.

But I really recommend planning to go to visit.  The exhibition is unusual in that it is 11-months long - plenty of time to plan!  It started on October 3rd, 2014 and runs until September 5th, 2015.

But if you can't - spend an hour on the website as the eye candy is quite worth it!

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