Monday, March 23, 2015

If you go to Washington DC to see the Quilt Exhibit - Don't Miss the Mirror!

You MUST visit the National Gallery of Art, west galleries.  In 2012, Linda Kaufman gave the nation her and her late husband's important collection of American furniture and a set of decorative arts to display with it.  This was a monumental gift and forms the entirety of the four galleries devoted to American furniture at the National Gallery.

Linda is a wonderful person and very much enjoys joining decorative arts tours, which is where I met her.  Understanding my love of 17th century embroidery, she took my hand and insisted that I go to DC someday soon to "see her mirror".  Had she not said that, I would have never found it!  Not yet in the collections database, her stumpwork mirror is easy to miss as you wouldn't know where to find it. Yet it is prominently displayed in Gallery G43 on the central first floor corridor on a wall of it's own.

It is an impressive size and a mixture of beaded and needlelace stumpwork.  The outer edge of the mirror frame is not surrounded by lace, but by a faux lace made of beads.  I was excited to see the lion was couched thread of a fancy gimp type that I just had prototyped!  New yummy threads on the way next year.

It was also exciting to see a piece on long term display at a museum in the USA that so many can access on travels.  So next time someone asks you to chaperone a trip of kids to DC - you just might want to jump at the chance.  I am sure those kids want to take a diversion through the National Gallery!  ha ha.

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  1. I LOVE this mirror and have been drooling over it for days~ I think what I like 'most' is the richness of the green beads under the lion~ of coarse the beaded lace around the edge is fabulous, but as a whole, its the perfect confirmation for my plan of doing the same with my flat top~ mixing beads with purl with gimp with ovale and silks~ all smathered together in one great piece~ SEW EXCITING!!!!