Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Gasp Snow Humor

Today there is a cruel rumor going around that it might go to 40 degrees and break our 'longest streak below freezing ever' here.   In what might be my last post about snow (hopefully).  I thought I would add some pictures from the last few weeks as a joke.

The time changed and we have some sun.... it seems like this will be a cruel memory.  And then I turn to the insurance claim and realize that it won't be over until the last snow-dam damaged wall and window is replaced at my house and the new drapes are remade.  SIGH.

Honest to God - everywhere you drive here you see dump trucks hauling snow to who knows where.  There are hundreds of volunteers downtown right now digging out snow so the St. Patrick's Day parade can happen.

You know, there was nothing left to do after the board games and microwave popcorn ran out in the city!
(The  expected baby spike has actually been discussed at hospitals and school districts.  In 2021 they will be adding classrooms to schools for the expected kindergarten baby boom).

South Boston = Hoth

Actual picture of snowboarding in Beacon Hill

I don't know who does the traffic signs here - but I see tons like this in Boston Brogue.  HILARIOUS

And then my favorite - How do you remove NINE FEET of snow from Fenway Park in a few weeks for the opener???  You spread a TON of black sand on the snow to absorb the heat of the sun.  Already melted 2.5 feet this way last week.  BRILLIANT

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