Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Fun Pincushion for Summer Stitching - A New Needlework Nibble!

Flame Stitch Pincushion - Needlework Nibble.  The background show the three silk velvet backing choices.
This Flame Stitch pincushion is the latest needlework nibble and one of three that will show up in the next month!  It is 2" x 2.5" and is inspired by the small pincushion in the Martha Edlin casket.  Using a different flame stitch pattern, it does take its colors from the original.  Worked in Soie Paris on a 24-count Montrose linen, it is backed with silk velvet like the originals.

The pattern for this is available for download.  It is quick and easy to do - something that I really love when taking long rides or sitting at the beach.  Not much counting - once the pattern is established you just follow along with the next row.  And over a large count too!

I designed this with the colors from the Cabinet of Curiosities Kit 1 thread kits, so if you already have that, pull it out and you should have all the thread you need to work this piece.  If you need a piece of linen and that yummy silk velvet - they are both offered on the shop site.  If you don't have the threads, a full kit is available too - just get it and download the instructions before you head out on your summer vacation.

And while you are there - if you are working the Pink Pincushion Needlework Nibble from the Frostings Club and would like a backing piece of silk velvet for that too -  I have those up as well.



  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.

  2. Thank you Tricia for this nice little project. Laurence

  3. Thank you for this beautiful pattern.

  4. Hi dear Tricia! The lovely Kim mentioned you on her blog and showed us our delightful pin cushion :) It was a joy to visit with you!

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs!

  5. Were the blues dyed exclusively for the casket project? I can't seem to find them anywhere online.

  6. Yes - I did have them dyed special. They are on my shop site:
    They replicate the complex woad blue and has a full range of light to dark which is actually pretty hard to accomplish in silk dyeing with blue