Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stumpwork Mirror Available Today

Lot 287 Concept Art Gallery - June 4th, 2016 Auction
There is a very nice stumpwork mirror going on auction today at Concept Art Gallery.  In an auction of mostly modern art, this object has the most pre-done bids (according to Live Auctioneers).  So I expect it will get a fair price.  But for those of us who have to enjoy from the wings, here are pictures of the piece from their website to drool over and maybe inspire a bit!

The king and queen's panels are the stars of the piece, it is nice to see the counted top and bottom flowers contrasting with the more elaborate needlelace of the figures.  It shows how you can mix some 'comfort' stitching with something more elaborate and time consuming to get a elegant result.

Now look closer at the King and realize that he has three arms!  Actually what has happened is that the left embroidered arm/sleeve has come off the piece and was pinned above the right arm.  It was as if the last framer/conservator/owner just couldn't figure out what bits were and knew it must have come from 'that area'.  I have seen this a few times where sub sections of stumpwork have their couching stitches degrade and fall off and then the piece is pinned or nailed to some other spot.  A bit of careful looking and the weird item finds its home!


P.S.  Just sold for $16,000 which makes it $20,000 with the premium.

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  1. Who hasn't wanted an extra hand while wrestling with their embroidery?