Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Do I Get Into the Stitch Along?

If you are in the 'system' - meaning that you have or are talking Cabinet of Curiosities (Part I) or the Stumpwork Part II course, then you are able to get to the information needed on the COC Part I page.  That is the first step.

The second step is to sign into NING, that is the private discussion site for my courses.  Perhaps you have never signed up and need a new invitation (email me) or need to do a bit of hunting or requesting (from NING) your password.  It was one that you set up for yourself.  Once in NING, you click on the Groups -> Stitch Along Group and join it.  That allows me to send you internal emails and you will get updates on discussions going on inside that group.  It is a great place to chat about framing up, designing, etc.  You can post pictures inside the discussions too.

Since the point of the Stitch-Along is the posting of progress and talking among us to encourage - that is why I am NOT keeping a mailing list outside of NING because that would just result in things getting set aside again - too passive.  This needs to be active to work.

Now I have to admit something.  I have started already on my casket.  I think it is understandable to everyone that I have to be ahead of everyone as I just can't make a graph come out of nowhere!  I am not that far ahead,  only two months, but it does feel good to have two friezes done.  I just color xeroxed them at 300% today to make graphing them a lot easier - after the xerox came off the machine I did one of those "V-8" moments as I have been struggling with the Trinket Box so much between the tiny size, magnifier glasses, and a new graphing program that doesn't do what I want it to do (at least the customer support guy is good).  And oh my gosh am I am exhausted at the moment from getting all the stitch along support materials ready as well as getting orders out (and those three+ hours of roboting every night is catching up to this old body)

But I did take a picture every day that I worked to show my progress and I am happy to report that doing one in a month is WAY doable.

In fact - that is what I am doing in this lovely picture over the monuments of Paris.  A perfect place to start a casket.

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