Friday, December 9, 2016

Stitch Along Decisions - Harmony Casket

Before I get to the much more hairy tree of making changes, I wanted to bring up the decision matrix on the full left side of the diagram about the Harmony Casket.

I am doing TWO stitch alongs this year, one starting now and another starting in June.  That design is on a short, flat casket and will be in full stumpwork.  The instructions are going to be written as I stitch it and those who have been in a COC class can follow along the course for instructions-only price.  You will have many threads in your stash already that can be used and drive down the price of the casket.  That design is shown here and does have three choices for the top (I will be providing instructions for only one of the two lady choices).

So if you want to do a stitch-along and this design is the one you have fallen in love with - you are in a hurry up and wait position for that.

The design panels are already on the COC Part 1 webpage and accessible for you.  If you want to take them and head off in your own technique direction - more power to you!  Go for it.  If you want my detailed stitch by stitch directions, choose your ground fabric and get a short casket and wait for June.

I am suggesting the 40 count old white linen as it is a source we have ongoing and it is very forgiving as a fabric.  Silk satin can catch and pull a float so ripping is harder.  But it is up to you, both will work and be beautiful.

There will be frame up instructions up on the site soon as well, so you can start planning and buying frames, tracing the design, etc. at your leisure.

You might print things out and play with coloring it too.  Since it will be ala-carte, if you don't like my color scheme, you can substitute your own colors in the same threads.  Why not!?


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