Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Which Casket - Summary

Ok - so now we are through the 'Which Casket' discussion as well as an examination of some of the other issues that keep us from having fun and letting our fear of failure get in our way.  So the full decision matrix looks like this:

I will be posting this so you can print it out in the COC part I class page.  

The next thing is to go through the design decision process for those who are jumping aboard the Stitch-Along so you can be ready to start with your linen and tracing or graphs and are framed up.  That diagram looks like this:

Don't worry, the next few blogs will go through all the steps, one color at a time.  Now I can't help but mention the friendship algorithm by Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  A fantastic joke and not far off our diagrams here.  :-)  Everything can be diagramed as a decision algorithm it seems - from making friends to getting embroidery ready.


  1. Love that chart! Both yours and Sheldon's! I love that the last bit sticking out on the right was after Sheldon got caught in an endless loop of "tell me one of your interests and not being interested - tell me another one of your interests - not interested - tell me another..." so Wolowitz had to add the escape valve - "choose the least objectionable interest".

  2. Just want to say how useful all these casket decision postings have been....its hard to think of anything beyond Christmas right now, so it's great having all this logical stuff to absorb. Thanks heaps.

  3. I should have known you'd watch The Big Bang Theory!