Monday, September 14, 2020

Fiber Talk - This Week

Being homebound and putting all travel on hold has given me a little extra time to do some things I have had in my 'someday' bucket.  One of those was recording a podcast with Gary Parr of Fiber Talk.  I have promised Gary for over a year I would find some time and we finally did!

The podcast is being broadcast this week and we will be following up with a live YouTube session on Wednesday night.

See Fiber Talk's website for details of how to listen and log in for the live session!  

If you like it - I might be able to come back on again as we didn't even come close to talking about all the subjects Gary told me he wanted to cover.



  1. Listening to it now :) You're so lucky to have had a mom who encouraged you to embroider when you were young. In my family, embroidery skipped a generation and I wasn't able to start until I graduated university as my mom wasn't very encouraging. It took 10 years before she started looking at my work and accepting that this wasn't a hobby that was going to go away.

  2. I listened to the podcast and then watched the live show last night. Both were wonderful. I am very interested in the subject of 'loss of hand skills among our youth'. I think it is a very important issue and one that is lost on most people.