Sunday, September 13, 2020

Winterthur Online Embroidery Symposium

Normally every two years there is an Embroidery Symposium of renown at Winterthur Museum.   It is my favorite symposium to give a talk at and its definitely one of those high-academic level conferences - real meat on the bones!  

With the current situation, Winterthur made the decision to host the symposium as originally planned in an online format - but delaying the hands-on component to another year.  

This should be seen as an opportunity for many far away to take advantage of the ability to sit in on the talks that they would normally never be able to see!  The talks will be online and available to paid participants for one full month - so you can watch and rewatch and pause and savor!!  So often I hear from participants that they wish they could rewind my presentation and this year you can!!!

On Oct 2-3, the original dates for the event, there will be several live events with Linda Eaton moderating small groups of the speakers talking about the subjects of their talks and taking questions from the viewers.  

I highly recommend you taking advantage of this opportunity and registering for the event - perhaps in the future it will become something that more events do - a in-person and online component which will bring so many more into the knowledge presented.  

I am giving a talk about whitework samplers of the 17th century and pattern books.  I have to say that Linda always gives me wide-berth to take the time to present new knowledge and I love her for that.  I always invest several weeks in putting together the presentations and material for this conference.  I just sent off my presentation today to the organizers and I am quite happy with how it turned out - in this format I was able to add more multi-media content than ever before and I feel it made the presentation richer for it. 

The cost of the event is $150 ($125 for members) and that is a fraction of what you spend to attend in person - so quite a deal. 

Hope to see you there during the Q&A session!!


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