Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Yummy Casket

This little (6 3/4" x 8" x 5") casket was sold recently by Sotheby's and is almost too yummy and tiny to mention!  A fall front piece and if the dates painted on it are to be believed, it is a quite early piece.   Dated 1658 it falls into a set of about a dozen dated pieces in the 1650s. Not surprisingly, these dated pieces also have quite a variety of shapes and configurations too.  I wish the dates were embroidered into the piece as so few out there have painted details.  Not being commonly seen, I have to reserve judgement on the date as I have seen so many pieces that have had their embroidery 'brightened' with paint over the years.

But it is still really sweet and makes one want to make a small box too!


  1. It is sweet, and the size makes it so achievable. What are the gold "spots?"

  2. the colour are still so vibrant ... I love the contrast of the deep salmon pink of the interior and the blue of the embroidery. The side panel patterns are also quite unusual.

    I love the dimensions, but then, I have a fondness for very tiny things!


  3. Hi,
    Before I sign up for this can you please tell me how much the class is and how much the various caskets are. thank you so much.
    Patricia x