Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Geek In Me Loves this Stuff!

A wonderful article about a Coats of Arms piece likely worked in Boston is finally up on the web and able to be shared with you all.  I love things like this because they use the techniques of my grad school days to solve problems associated with historical objects.  In this case, there was a bit of the lead white paint on the un-embroidered surface which said "Gold".  X-ray radiography was used by Angela Duckwall at Winterthur to figure out why the word was there and if there was more under the embroidery!

Enjoy the read and be amazed at the pictures

(Link just updated - it should work now)



  1. Thanks for fixing the link...and you're right- this does bring out the wonderment of the inner geek. Even though I love the old techniques, with this article we can all give three cheers for the marvels of the 21st century! Elisabeth in CT (from CoC)