Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Lamora Jenner!

Can you just imagine the end of the 21st century when embroidery curators and enthusiasts are saying "Who is X?" when looking at the volume of embroidery we are right now creating in the 17th century style.  I hope you are all putting your story on the papers of your caskets and the edges of your pictures!

There are at least 2 stumpwork mirrors, 2 caskets and now 2 pictures known to have been worked by the elusive Mrs. Jenner in the pre-war period in England.  This piece just turned up at Christie's in their Dec 2nd Masters and Makers sale and I was shown the other picture at the Holburn Museum this summer!  One of the mirrors is at the National Trust, saw a different one at Witney's a few years ago too.

It really is making me want to find out this woman's story!

And maybe it makes me feel just a little bit better that her work is being treated so well by the Antiques market.


Leonora Jenner C. 1940 Lot 441 Sale 5870 Christie's


  1. OHHHHHHHH That SWAN! I love her colors~ they look so wintery and icy~ thanks for sharing! I think anyone who takes a moment pause and actually 'looks' at a 17th c piece of embroidery, cannot help but be inspired and want to make their own. Everyone is getting so 'busy' now days, I think it even more important than ever to do anything possible to bring our embroidery ~ beaded or otherwise~ to the younger generations. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Tricia! xoxoxo rachael

  2. Thanks so much for sharing another of Leonora's fabulous pieces Tricia. I have been in love with her work since the earlier CoC lessons and she is the strongest inspiration for my fancy mirror. Oh what a joy it would have been to have known her. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Rae

    1. Leanora Jenner lived at Avebury Manor Wiltshire from 1902 to 1928, The Jenners greatly restored the Manor during there time but had to leave having lost money in overseas investments. Avebury Manor is now owned by the National Trust, a mirror embroidered by Nora is displayed in the billiard room. Another mirror by Nora is at Lytes Carey Manor House Somerset also owned by the National Trust where her sister lived, their husbands were brothers.

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  3. This colour palate is extraordinary!

  4. Wow! I'm currently planning a nighttime scene on the back of my casket. This is so helpful in terms of how to make a limited palette work, as well as being a stunning piece in its own right. Thank you for sharing it.