Friday, November 14, 2014

On My Christmas List

The new book by Naomi Tarrant (former curator National Museums of Scotland) chronicling the emergence of a distinctive Scottish sampler style is on my short list for Christmas.  There are so few books being published now in embroidery that one has to both support and enjoy those that are able to be published.

Unfortunately at the moment there is only one US vendor (that I know of -- please let me know of other sources) - Amazon.  Amazon has been the locus of price undercutting that has made it even harder for volumes like this in special interests to be published.

You can buy direct from England as well through the publisher.

The book name is 'Remember Now Thy Creator' Scottish Girls' Samplers, 1700-1872 by Naomi E. A. Tarrant


  1. The Scarlet Letter's website says that she will have the book at the end of November - estimated price is $45. It's on my Christmas list as well!

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  3. In bookdepository price is %39.45 (with free shipping worldwide):

  4. Actually, the publisher is in Scotland, not England.