Sunday, July 26, 2015

Frostings Club Update

Looks like I have had to draft a few extra beings to help me - just like the Tailor!  Here hamster #3 (also known as Miss Fuzz Fuzz) is climbing over the boxes and generally getting in the way of the sticking on of labels.   She generally keeps me company in my office (I think her attentiveness is actually a plea for more peanuts) and after the kids all went away this week (ok, five arrive in an hour to be taken to an outreach event - they never seem to be totally gone) I have been quite lonely so she has been assigned to keep me company when working.

Must make one more go over but I think we are close to pulling the lever to launch the club.  Which means ordering the boxes and packing and all that!  But first, the Stumpwork kits have to be packed and shipped - so September is looking like the right time for Frostings Box 1.

So stay tuned and hope that Miss Fuzz Fuzz learns to cut and bag as well!  It would make things go so much quicker.


  1. Ooooo... I forgot about the Frosting Club. So much to look forward to. A name like Miss Fuzz Fuzz can only put a smile on one's face.

  2. Can't wait to see what Frostings come our way! And you would think Miss Fuzz Fuzz could stack the boxes--after all, she could have absorbed what to do just by hanging out in your office.

  3. now I have to do a stumpwork hamster that looks like her!!