Friday, July 3, 2015

Gallery 517 - A Jewel Box

There is a tiny, jewel box of a gallery that houses 17th century English embroidery on view at the MET.  It is always open and has about a dozen pieces to view, including an incredible stumpwork mirror.

The problem is that the gallery is very tucked away and not marked with anything that would make you search it out.  I think I had visited the museum many times over a three year period and had never discovered it!  When I did, it was on the hunt for this mirror.  If an item is on display, it tells you in the online catalog and what gallery it is in.  So you could have blown be over with a feather when I walked in and found way more than one piece!

The gallery number is 517 and it is very small on the map -- it is in with all the period rooms on the first floor.  So next time you are at the MET -- don't miss it!  There is a web page on the room and you can see what is on display at all times.


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