Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thistle Threads Closed until Oct 25th

I am off to the UK this week to join many casketeers on a trek around England and Scotland visiting collections and taking copious pictures of lovely examples - we will try to share some if the hotel wi-fi cooperates!  So I won't be able to do any shipping until October 25th.

I am very happy to be heading off - and tremendously relieved as I wasn't sure I would make it.  I had a crazy health scare that started on Sept 12th is under control finally, the last week has been a blur of meds and doctors and poison control.  Only last weekend, I couldn't get out of bed due to a bad drug reaction to something I likely shouldn't have been prescribed.  I was incredibly lucky not to have a stroke or heart attack by Sunday.  A change in doctors mid-week and by today I was healthy again.  Quite a scare for me and my family - and certainly made the prep work for the trip very hard as well as keeping up with emails/shipments.  I lost 10 lbs in five days and finally my thinking is clearing up.  When I get back - DNA tests (a new thing) to determine the extent of the drug sensitivities (a life-long problem that most doctors were ignoring and assigning as some sort of new-age resistance to taking meds) and maybe life-alert tags (Can you embroidery a holder for those?).  

So I am pretty happy today - everything looks pretty crisp and blue - life is good!  Taking tomorrow off to travel with my family and do something fun.  And I might embroider too!  

So if you have emailed me recently and I didn't respond or if I sent your order to the wrong address - I apologize - I wasn't myself and I will work to get things taken care of as soon as I get back.


  1. Safe travels to you and yours. I too struggle with medications, so I can understand your issues. Good luck with a successful trip and I look forward to any pictures you can share with us!

  2. So glad you are well again! Have a wonderful trip. We at the Cape Embroiderers' Guild are looking forward to having Leslie-Ann share some of her experiences with us.

  3. I'm so glad your are feeling better! Have a wonderful time on the tour. I hope everyone posts lots of nice pics, etc. for those of us who couldn't be there. You have my sympathies,drug allergies are nasty. I had a severe allergic reaction to a drug a few years ago and have never been so sick before or since! You can bet it's the first thing out of my mouth anytime I see any doc for anything.