Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Nelham Designed Picture

There was a really lovely (and ultimately very expensive - I watched the auction live in case it was a bargain to be had, drat) picture up for auction last week in the UK.  This piece conforms to the recognizable John Nelham genre of designs with its cartouche with five-lobed flowers at the 45 degree positions as well as the heavy-lided style of character portraiture and the large single flowers at the corners.

When magnified (go to the site), the long and short nature of the satin stitch almost makes it look painted at the resolution of the photo.  I soooo would have liked to have seen this piece in person as I think it might have been a total stunner in embroidery quality.  The textural stumpwork threads used in the cartouche alone signified a really well done piece.

Overall a great 'daily yum' to drink a cup of tea while studying


Lot 1284 June 9th Canterbury Auctions

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  1. The faces are exquisite! and such beautiful shading on the animals . . .