Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mary's Pin Ball

Mary Ingram was also awarded a Honorable Mention Runner-Up Award for her sweet pinball.  At first it looks like a traditional pinball but then..... a measuring tape slides out of the middle!!  The measuring tape uses lacet as part of the pull.  Very clever to hide working mechanism inside a pinball!

Mary says that the pinball started its life as an antique tape measure (shown below) as her inspiration and she built the pinball around it

Pin Ball/Tape Measure

Inspiration - by Mary Ingram

This pin ball/tape measure started life as a tape measure shown at bottom ( eBay). Covered tab pull with lacet in buttonhole and Bargello done in silks from you on 36 ct linen.  Bottom pic shows lacet covered tab and some paint to prevent orange from showing.

Showing the tape pulled out

Internal Antique Measuring Tape

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