Friday, May 18, 2018

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

How can you follow up on an expert like David?  Well, lets try the owner of one of the main Antarctic logistics companies!  During the filming of the NOVA on Shackleton's expeditions, our mom introduced the author of the book to the owner of the logistics company who would be handling keeping the film crew alive.  Well, they are married now, live in the area and are a really lovely family.

From the ALE website showing the filming of the NOVA film

So we hosted a fest with his favorite BBQ take out and Nick of Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions gave a overview to the kids of what getting to and living in Antartica was all about.  How they support the researchers, explorers and film makers with water and food and how they deal with the international treaty to keep no waste on Antartica.  The kids poured over their regulation filings he shared with them for data.  Check out their website - it is just so cool!  By the end of our night - the dad who was an wanna-be Everest climber and I were jumping up and down wanting to schedule a trip to see the penguins.  Nick was very fun to be with.

It was an amazing night to learn about how they melt water and that their main problem is how they really need to condense water out of the grey water so they can haul the sludge away.  Could our solution be modified to do that??  Nick suggested that if the kids came up with something rugged that they wanted to try out - well, the plane was leaving January 5th for the Antartica season.  Perhaps he could swing doing some experiments for them.  Even cooler - he hires many of the experienced Sherpa from Nepal to work for him in Antartica so they would get firsthand experience with the concept we were trying out.

OMG - did he just suggest taking the kids experiment to Antarctica????

Back to work with the Solar Death Ray trying to prove out condensing clean water from dirty pasta water to recycle


  1. You really are the cool coach. I love hearing about your kids and their projects. This kind of out of the box thinking is what we need more of.
    BTW-big fan of the embroidery, too.
    Gwen from KC

  2. Please don't take the weekend off from this story, I'm hooked. And this chapter is SHORT!