Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Auction Yummies

Well, I was hoping that my bids would be successful for a few items at Bonham's last week and alas, although I was willing to go pretty high, I missed the mark.  Really too bad in the case of the band sampler as I was thinking of building a class around it.  It was sooooooooo beautiful.  And I was the  loosing bidder in the end.  Very unhappy.  It would have been the linchpin of a fantastic exploration class.  But being in pounds AND the 25% hammer cost (and VAT, international shipping, import, and framing/conservation) makes this piece the cost of a car... A bit too much in the end.

Bonhams Auction 22689 Lot 618 with Hearing and Touch unfinished in the corners.  A panel for a Casket.  Go to their site to see the wonderful stump work up close.

A small section of an AMAZING band sampler Lot 624 of Auction 22689 Bonhams.
See their website for a view of the entire piece.


  1. I too had my eye on that band sampler~ it would be so much fun and a challenge to stitch....but I knew it would get a few pounds! I also had my eye on the little pudding...you are not alone in your disappointment!

  2. I can see why you wanted the panel and of course the unfinished corners make it even more appealing ~ that 'haunted' looking castle is mega appealing too, stitching idea! ~ of course a car is much more practical but not near as pretty ~ Rae

  3. Oh, how I wish you had won this one!