Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12-Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 5

Sorry today's giveaway was up late, I was busy shipping Frostings Boxes and didn't realize that I didn't have one preloaded for the day.  So I had a bit of fun finding what was going to be today's giveaway.

This is a lovely spring one!  I would normally say it is to harken to those warmer temperatures but we are having them right now, when I was in NYC for the weekend it was 70 degrees.

If you want this April 2007 Just Cross Stitch issue with its now rare Bon Bon Tokens and Trifles to make butterflies, send me an email at  Put BUTTERFLY in the subject line and you HAVE TO INCLUDE your address!

Mail it to me by midnight Dec 17th EST to be entered.  I have three of these lovelies (And yes, that is me picking daisies as a little girl).


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