Friday, December 11, 2015

Time is Flying By!!

Well, time is flying by and I have too much yummy stuff for the blog!!  I am going to take a break from the UK Casket Tour yummies (I will go back to it!  Don't worry - there are too many amazing things to share from Bath and our London stops) and have to break in with some other yummies!  I am talking about the fact that I have to start my annual 12-Days of Christmas Giveaways!!  And there are other major things to talk about too regarding the Frostings Club.  So watch for those over the weekend.

But before that - a long awaited book is being published:

A new book on Westtown School samplers will be available in January 2016. Threads of Useful Learning: Westtown School Samplers, by Westtown School archivist Mary Uhl Brooks, is a thorough and engaging look at the needlework produced by students at this Philadelphia-area Quaker boarding school from its founding in 1799 until 1843, when sewing was removed from the curriculum. The needlework – including several types of samplers as well as embroidered celestial and terrestrial silk globes believed to have been made only at Westtown – is discussed in the context of the useful education and spiritual formation envisioned by Quakers for their children.  Fully illustrated with pieces from Westtown School’s own extensive textile collection as well as others in museums and private collections, this work enriches our understanding of this important schoolgirl needlework and the education, religious beliefs, and lives of the teachers and girls who created it.  A list of all currently-known Westtown-made samplers and globes is included, along with illustrations of some thirty samplers not made at Westtown but in the school’s collection. Copies can be pre-ordered for shipping or pickup from the Westtown School store by going to (or go to, select Quicklinks in the upper right, and click on School Store. (Threads of Useful Learning: Westtown School Samplers, 346 pages, softcover, $60.00)


  1. Oh I'm so excited for the book! Thanks for the heads up. Mary is great and I know the book will be a treasure.

  2. Just in case you can not wait... Here is an article and pattern for a Westtown School globe: