Thursday, December 10, 2015

Slate Frames in Stock

I have two types of slate frames in stock now!  One is the right size to work a full side of a casket and the other is a very large one that allows large projects such as the mirrors to be worked.  The small one is a 16" roller (width of webbing) with 22" slats whereas the larger one is a 22" roller (width of webbing) with 34" slats.

Why work with a slate frame?  I asked Lamora Haidar of Access Commodities to share her expertise on slate frame history and use and she has provided a wonderful paper about the subject.  It is too long to post here and I really didn't want to show an excerpt of it - so there is a link here to read the history. You should take a look at her write up as she does a great deal of in depth research as she does with every product line that she brings to the US needlework market.

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  1. are we able to use these frames outside slate plates as well? i like them as they are simple and elegant.