Friday, December 18, 2015

Oh No!

I missed a day!  I thought I had several loaded and I had less than I thought.  And now I just checked and realized that I have to climb in bed to get up at 5am and take the kids to the robot tournament.

Forgive me - this was my day since noon when the first robot kid got off for Christmas break:

The Robot Room - Each team has a zone where they are running
their robots in the competition area - imagine that most weekends there are between
10-20 kids in this space.  Today it was 13 and six parents.

The nights checklist of work as well as scores from the runs the kids were doing.
This was the best thing we ever made when renovating the house - a sliding white board.
It tucks into the wall and disappears.  The kids love it and fill it daily.

The big robot guys are acting like judges for the presentation practice.  They have been thorough it so much and are the best trainers ever.  They take it so seriously - the mentoring was amazing with things I never thought of.

Running the robot over and over to get the 'pit crew' smooth.

I will be back on giveaways on Sunday - Lynne Anderson of the Sampler Consortium is meeting me right after the competition for dinner.  So it will be a full day.  So I will have to double up with some extra giveaways that day!!

Of course what you can't see is that in the dining room there were frostings boxes going out and a packing of Cabinet of Curiosities Kit 1 with an elf of mine working today there.  There is a shrink wrap station in the living room.  Think I will forgot wrapping paper this year and just shrink wrap their gifts!  ha ha

Now off to bed, I seem to be getting punchy.  :-)



  1. You deserve a break and I for one really appreciate all you do! BTW - my Frostings Box arrived yesterday. Not only was I blown away by the box itself, the contents were extraordinary. I did manage to keep my drool off the goodies! Oohs and aahs are very appropriate when I open the box. :-)

  2. Tricia, you do so much it amazes mere mortals like the rest of us. We will live without one of the giveaways. Thank you for all that you do for the kids and for us.

  3. Puh-leeze let us know how they did today! I've been thinking about them off and on all day.

    And my Frostings box has arrived and it is thrilling on so many levels!