Saturday, July 9, 2016

Even Martha Edlin Used Lacet for Toys!

There is a really cute piece in the Martha Edlin casket - one of the pieces with the most 'toys'.  She made a pair of flat gloves with two colors of the flat braid (lacet).  First the body of the glove was made with the cream lacet and then a red silk/gold thread lacet was used for the gauntlet cuff.  A gold thread was then whipped with tiny stitches to the edges of the cream lacet, making the looped design on the top of the gloves too.

On the UK Casket Tour, we had the opportunity to see these very cute little gloves.  They are flat, not 'real' with two sides.  They are just 1.25" in width and a little over 2" in length.  And of course would fit in a casket drawer just perfectly!

Martha Edlin Gloves - T.450&A-1900
To encourage thinking about more elaborate versions of these gloves or other ideas, I have drawn out the pattern for them and worked a set of examples that can be done with the lacets in the Frostings Kits or off my website shop.  Choose your own colors!  But the technique of sewing the lacets to a pattern before stitching them together works really well.  This new Needlework Nibble is available on the site.

New Needlework Nibble - Lacet Glove

And you can make two!

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  1. Thanks for showing these adorable little gloves up close...I've already gleaned so many ideas! Looking at braided straw items is also inspirational. However, I'm looking forward to seeing the bullion wirewrap technique,too!