Saturday, July 23, 2016

Other Jewelry and Poseys

Lot 1, 07 July 2009 Sotheby's London

And this might be the last post of inspirational material for the Design Contest.  There was a Dutch casket which had these two items inside and they are just toooo wonderful not to show.  They blur the edge between needlework and jewelry.  The poesy on the right side is full of spangles, gold wire, smooched purls and gold wire wrapped parchments along with garnets and pearls.  Then there is the holder which is the same expanded bullion around silk wrapped wire.  

The object on the left is made from silk wrapped parchments in bow bunches, reminds one of the garlands on the tops of caskets!  

These are examples of late Renaissance style of jewelry that focused on bows as can be seen on the necklace from the V&A collection.  

Now these examples are something to think about for the contest with their bullion wrapped silk - quite the yummy casket toy!  Check out the details below, but the website for Sotheby's has a really great magnification of these two pieces.

Lot 1, 07 July 2009 Sotheby's London

Lot 1, 07 July 2009 Sotheby's London

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