Sunday, July 3, 2016

More Lacet Flowers

In the National Museum of Scotland, there is a double casket with an entire load of casket toys inside it!  It includes several small purses, a beaded pincushion (there is a match in a private collection too), a tape measure, three animals (more on these soon) and two lacet flower posies.  I found this picture on the web of all of them.

National Museum of Scotland A.1961.502A-M
The first piece is a strawberry spray which is a little different from the Ashmolean one.  There are billions on the strawberries as seeds, which I really like.  The other flower is either a carnation or more likely a pink; worked with a lacet in pink and cream and a blue/green calyx and leaf.  

National Museum of Scotland A.1961.502.E (Strawberry) and .F (Carnation or Pink)
In a private collection is a spray of lilac, which is really lovely.  It also comes with a spray of a five petaled flower that has stamens in the middle made with tiny silk fly-ties in a dark red and light pink. The petals are almost round and are overlapped around a stuffed center - quite a bit like the small white strawberry flowers above.  

These items were in the same box as a small wooden box like one in the Edlin box (not pictured on the V&A site) and a partial ring of silk covered cardboard that matches the needle case that is in the Edlin box.  I think that the casket was worked in the same school as the Edlin box.  Then there are the two lacet posies described above AND a sprig of rosemary made from expanded silk wrapped purl in a dusty green as well as a sheaf of wheat that is made by the gilt bullion wrapped technique that makes the animals above as well as the handle of the tape measure.    


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