Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What Else Does Lacet Make?

Bug on Feller Collection piece
So what else have I found that is made with lacet?  Purse strings and ties on stumpwork shoes, etc are obvious things.  But less obvious are the small bits that are attached to stumpwork out of "U"s or circles of lacet stitched together like the flower bits.

On this piece from the Feller Collection, there is a bug attached to the piece with wings made from cream lacet that has been stitched together in the wing shape.  On another note, the central body looks in person as if it was gathered bird feather, the ribs of which are still showing but the iridescent feather would have been there originally.

The yellow tabs emulate leather pieces on this Roman
Another use is to make dress or clothing pieces using the "U" shape as seen in this overlay on a Roman soldier in the storyline.  The yellow tabs are representing the leather skirt.

And then my favorite idea, is doing a tape lace with the lacet as the tape!  The blue lacet must have been temporarily stitched down to a substrate like contact paper covered muslin and then a second cream thread was used to fill in the spaces with needlelace stitches to form one large pieces of lace.  In this case, the lace formed the curtains of a canopy.  What an inspired use of the flat braid!  

What else can you think of for the contest??

Blue lacet used as a tape in tape lace.

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