Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Phew - My UFOs could be worth something?!

Lot 387 Bonhams January 2014 The Oak Interiors
It is the season where some embroideries come out of the woodwork to see the light of day in auctions. There are some definite lovelies of 17th century embroidery at the upcoming Bonhams auction The Oak Interiors.  I had to laugh as this piece is unfinished, very unfinished as only the lower background is filled in.  Yet it is valued at $3000!  It's not that I disagree with the price, it is just amusing to think of  all the unfinished projects in my drawers and that some of them (maybe) could be worth something someday!

This tent stitch piece is of the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon.  The figures and tent would have looked great done in stumpwork!  Maybe she was planning that and got a bit flummoxed at the thought!

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