Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sale until January 31st

It is that time of year to make a bit of room for new things coming in! In fact I am a bit bursting at the seams with thousands of spools and bits for three large classes awaiting the rest of their bits to be able to send out.  

So it seems time to put up a few things on discount - call it a belated Christmas gift from me to you.  There were many stitchers who got gift certificates for christmas from loved ones to my shop - now they are worth even more!  And it was time to put up all the new stuff I had been gathering together for finishing caskets.  I will talk about a few of those over the next few days.

So what is on sale?  Gilt Sylke Twist (20%), Soie Ovale/Paris packages (20%), and the Silk Gimp colors that I have excess of (30%).  There are two kits that I would like to run out so I can have an extra drawer - Lady Catherine's Slipper and the Butterfly Pinpad.  

How long is the sale?  Until January 31st or stuff runs out!

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