Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And the Winner Is...

The 12 Days of Christmas Winners are:

Day 1: Michelle H. from MD, Sharron K. from UT, and Rosemary C. from MA

Day 2:  Elisabeth M. from CT

Day 3:  Terri P. from IN

Day 4:  Sharron G. from VA, Allison S. from GA, Renee F. from NY, and Judy L. from OH

Day 5:  Sue D. from MO

Day 6:  Mendy B. from VA

Day 7: Jan H. from Great Britian

Day 8: Pat G. from TX

Day 9: Agne/Paideria from Sweden and Jennifer S. from Great Britain

Day 10: Lynn S. from WA

Day 11: David R. from LA

Day 12:  Kay J. from Australia, LeMoyne M. from WA, Theresa H. from DE, Rachael K. from CO, and Linda C. from TX

The items are all on the way!!  Thanks for participating in the giveaway drawing!



  1. Oh My Goodness!!! Can't believe you got all this out in the crazy weather...thank you so much - looking forward to the cute little embroidered notebook! Elisabeth in CT - :D

  2. What fun to see so many names that are familiar! It's a small world, but a vast one!

  3. THANKYOU Tricia! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! Hope the wind picks up and carries your storm out to sea today~

  4. Oh wow! Yay! Thank you!!!

    I really hope the weather gets better for you!

  5. Thank you, my copy of Inspirations arrived yesterday and I have glanced at it.
    I am interested in reading your article on needlework caskets. I think they are beautiful and would love to have one, just don't think I have the patience to stitch one Our art gallery features one in their miniature show ( and I am sure the Miniature Museum when it re-opens will have several.
    I also would love to make the gold-work brooch Star Bright by Jenny Aiden-Christie.
    Thank you again I will enjoy reading the magazine.