Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Visited a Snow Farm

Quite a few comments about the hilarity of our snow situation here at the North Pole.  I thought I would add the new favorite pictures - including one I took myself while picking up caskets yesterday.  On Tuesday this month of snow became the 2nd biggest season in all of Boston history.  Then we woke up to a few more inches this morning.  Think we only have 7" to go to be the most in history. 
Check out these icicles.  Everywhere.  Every house you pass anywhere is caked in ice.  

I liked this one - really expresses what sidewalks look like everywhere.  Tough to see cars pull out and pedestrians.
I heard a new one yesterday about drivers/walkers -- "You look right, then left and then make the sign of the cross"

I took this today from Richard's (the Casket Maker) window.  This is one of the Boston snow farms.  
And the latest thing that has happened when you have tremendous cabin fever -- the Boston Blizzard Challenge (remember the ice bucket challenge got its steam here in bean town).  Yes - the challenge is to jump out of your 2nd floor window half naked into the snow.  Stupid.  Watch the video of the guy swimming in the snow.  Was funny to me as my teen reported yesterday that he tried to swim in the snow too - its so deep you can try it.

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  1. I cannot imagine what will happen when all that snow melts...maybe they should truck it to the ocean!